...(might as well say anywhere) in 20 years of faithful daily reading:

Holman W. Jenkins,  Jr..WSJ  "Bradley Birkenfeld, Hero of Tax Reform"   824 words   Saturday 15 September   2012 

Samples: "Their tax evasion  (Swiss Bank Accounts) in other words was likely incidental to the real purpose of their UBS accounts: to have a nest egg where the U.S. government and U.S. legal system didn't know about it."

"One thing on which we all might agree is that few experiences are as satisfying as being treated fairly, and with respect, by your government. How many users of Form 1040 feel that way?"

"Call them paranoid, but some of our wealthy citizens apparently aren't prepared merely to worry about the myriad ways they can be unwillingly parted from their wealth in America. ... Your government decides, based on some inventive reading of criminal law, that what belongs to you actually belongs to it. Your president becomes enamored of tax hikes that serve no purpose except to punish the rich."

[AHN:  If you punish the rich long enough, especially by taking their money away from them, you will inevitably reach the point where every one has the exact same amount of money -  zero! This was tried before: See Soviet Russia, North Korea]

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