Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chicago Tribune on Paul Ryan 4 Veep

Chicago PM Sunday 12 August 2012

The Voice of the People, Chicago Tribune  


The Chicago Tribune editorial “What Paul Ryan delivers” (Sunday  12 August) says “Someone had better reinvent these entitlements [Medicare and Social Security] end them as we know them... Because... they're doomed to insolvency — unable to pay the full benefits that Congresses and presidents, Republicans and Democrats, have promised.”

A bold statement for a national newspaper.  The reality is even worse:  

The Statistical Abstract of the United States shows 73% of all federal taxes actually came from employer bank accounts, not taxpayer bank accounts (withholding.) Sure, the employee gets a note from the employer:  “We had to send this money to the feds under jail threat, but if we weren't we would give it to you.”   Compounding the problem:  employers do the only thing they can do:  add the cost of that tax to the price of their product, changing what are supposed to be voter paid income taxes to a national sales tax.  Added irritant:  how often do you hear:  “I paid in!  I deserve medicare! I deserve Social Security!" 

The solution to this scam: Get a majority of the House of reps, 60 Senators, and a President to change the US Tax code from "every employer making payment of wages shall deduct and withhold upon such wages a tax..." to "every employer making payment of wages shall pay all of those wages to the employee...." The employer would still calculate the tax, including a note to the employee: "Here is what the feds are expecting you personally to remit in 30 days"

Returning to the 90% of voters who are wage earners the responsibility of writing monthly checks to fund the government would encourage voting for legislators more likely to support proposals such as proposed by Congressman Paul Ryan. 

Arnold H Nelson

The two worst subject lines in the history of email...

... I received them w/in minutes, unfortunately:

Saturday 11 August 2012 10:26 AM "Romney Picks Paul Ryan for VP Running Mate"

Saturday 11 August 2012 10:09 AM "Boehner Folds in Deal with Reid, Funds ObamaCare Mandates"

To:  "Mitt Romney 4 President"

Why?  Campaigning to be elected President needs all the help you can get.  What good is nominating a VP candidate because they may be better at being president if they are not the best campaigner you can get.

 Paul Ryan is a smart, nice guy, but what has he campaigned for besides a single seat in a 435 member legislature?  Sarah Palin has campaigned for school board, City Council, Mayor, State Oil and Gas Commission chair (how may states even have an Oil and gas commission?) governor, Vice president, and grateful (many subsequenty successul) Tea Party candidates across the country.

Ryan has done a fine job in the House of reps, the Republican Party in that chamber needs a new leader like never before.  Why not Ryan?

Arn Nelson in Chicago  (The Democrat occupied west bank of Lake Michigan (repped by Nancy Pelosi's evil twin, Jan Schakowsky)

ATR wants Tim Pawlenty for VP?!?

Email for Joshua Culling at Americans for Tax Reform:

Just read your Wednesday 8 August NationalReview cornerpost - everything went well until I hit... Tim Paw-who?

In spite of what Dick Cheney said about passing some weird 'test', there will be no chance for a VP candidate to take over for a President unless the prez candidate gets elected.  Doing that has nothing to do w/ the VP candidate's experience, or what interest groups or states he/she might capture, etc.  What can the VP candidate do to help the Prez candidate get elected?  Travel the entire country, speak every day to any/every group who will listen, tell them why they should vote for the prez candidate.

There is only one prospective Repub VP candidate who can do that: Sarah Palin.  She has been traveling the nation since 2008 campaigning for the TeaParty, welcomed by all.  She has not got every single one elected, but she has helped more candidates get elected than Pawlenty, Ryan, Christy, etc. combined.

When she made that famous bus trip thru New England, Rush Limbaugh noted that "Her bus was followed by 20 cars full of media trying to keep up w/ her... where was Katie Couric...?" 

Palin has campaigned at every level:  PTA, school board, city council, mayor, governor.  Sure. of Alaska, the 47th most populous state.  She may not be able to see Russia out her kitchen window, but if you take a piece of string, place one end on what is probably our most likely atomic missile attacker (North Korea) put the other end at each of our three largest cities (NY, LA, Chicago) the string will always cross Alaska.  The Defense department knows this, and keeps close contact w/ the Alaska National Guard because of that. The ANG is headed by... the Governor of Alaska! 

Palin was chair of the Alaska oil and gas commission - Alaska is the 2nd state in gas and oil production.  Does Minnesota have an oil and gas commission? 

Arn Nelson on the Democrat occupied west bank of Lake Michigan (IL 9th CD, repped by Nancy Pelosi's evil twin, Jan Schakowsky.)   
(blog:, includes 300 letters sent to various newspapers since 2000 - 2 printed in WSJ, 2 printed in UK Financial Times, 15 printed in Chicago Tribune)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

To WSJ: more climate change alarmism

Chicago AM Tuesday 7 August 2012

Editors, The Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal features another article on the alleged dangers 
of global warming/climate change [A New Climate-Change Consensus  Monday 6 August 2012].  And of course it includes the obligatory list of statistics to demonstrate how bad it is: “temperatures have been climbing over the past five decades,” “a new analysis of global temperatures over the past 250 years”, “ a decades-long march toward hotter and wilder weather”, “26,000 heat records broken in the last 12 months”.

On their own, this figures are impressive, but when arrayed against the 4.5 billion year age of the Earth, they become hillarious. This can be demonstrated with a favorite tool of the environmental alarmists, a mathematical model: Projecting those 4.5 billion years on to something we can see and feel, an 80-year human life time.

This model shows one year of earth time equivalent to 0.562 seconds of an 80-year human life span. This means humans first appeared in our model earth 39 days ago. They had no idea of measuring temperature before Galileo's 1593 thermometer invention, 4 minutes ago to our senior citizen., Discovery of carbon dioxide in 1630? 3 minutes 30 seconds ago.   The scare figures quoted in the article?  250 years is 2 
minutes 20 seconds in geezer time.  The last 12 months? 0.562 seconds in the model.

If a doctor took a senior citizen's blood pressure and got 120 over 80, took it again five minutes later and it was 124 over 76, would she call an ambulance” 

Arnold H Nelson

Letter to ChiTrib: double taxation

Chicago Monday 6 August 2012

The Voice of the People, Chicago Tribune


In his Monday 6 August Chicago Tribune article "Promote corporate tax transparency" John McCarron has the obligatory quotes around "corporations are people" to show where he stands on whether corporations are people or not.  Didn't the founders settle that question in the first amendment where they wrote: "Congress shall make no law ... abridging... the right of the people peaceably to assemble...."  What are corporations other than people peaceably assembling?

The real problem here is the government taxing the same income twice:  They tax corporation income, then after the corporation distributes part of that income to stockholders as dividends. they tax the stockholders too.  If that isn't double taxation, what is?

The people who assemble as corporations should be able to decide whether their corporation will pay taxes, with the stockholders not paying taxes on dividends, or the corporation should pay no income tax, and the assemblers should pay taxes on their dividends.

Arnold H Nelson

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Climate change at the New Atlantis

Chicago PM Sunday 5 August 2012

Editors, the New Atlantis  


Mr Jordan R. Raney's article "Taking the Earth's Temperature," [The 
New Atlantis, Number 21, Summer 2008] opens with a question: “How 
do we know anything about the Earth’s past climate?”  This is  certainly 
attention-grabbing  for non-scientists. Mr Raney gets right down to 
business: “Scientists have devised ingenious techniques to peer into our 
planet’s past temperature record...”, but right behind that is a qualification: “...but the picture they give us is a blurry one.”  He proceeds describing how 
scientists examine tree rings, but admits “tree-ring data can be unreliable.”

Next, we are assured: ”there are several sources of ... data other than 
tree rings used to reconstruct the Earth’s past temperature ― samples 
of ice taken from glaciers, which give scientists data reaching much 
further back in time than the tree rings.”  where “researchers drill 
down from the surface of a glacier to obtain a core sample....”

This is qualified: “... ice cores... suffer from a problem inherent to the 
medium: the measurements become much more uncertain the deeper 
you look.”

Next up are “studies of temperature fluctuations based on coral.... , 
immediately written off: “...coral data are mostly useful as a 
confirmatory tool.”

Things getting desperate, reference is made to using “...cultural events” 
and even “landscape paintings” but these are qualified as being  
“... vastly imprecise and only available for the last few centuries.”

Finally, reference is made to “Claims that 1998 was the hottest year 
in 'at least a millennium,' ... or that 'the world is now warmer than 
it’s been for 2,000 years' ... exceed the resolution of the data and are, 
at best, imprudent” concluding with a final qualification: “...  We have 
reason to be skeptical of both those who design elaborate hypotheses 
to explain away global warming and those who would have us panic.”

 What is never admitted is the pathetically small set of past data there 
is to work with.

This can be demonstrated by a mathematical model projecting the 
planet's 4.5 billion year age on an 80-year human lifetime. Such a 
model shows one year of earth time equivalent to 0.562 seconds of an 
80-year human life span. This means humans first appeared in our 
model earth 39 days ago. They had no idea of measuring temperature 
before Galileo's 1593 thermometer invention, 4 minutes ago to our 
senior citizen., Discovery of carbon dioxide in 1630? 3 minutes 30 
seconds ago. 

If a doctor took a senior citizens pulse and got 120 over 80, took it again 
in five minutes and it was 124 over 76, would she call an ambulance”

Arnold H Nelson