Thursday, August 2, 2012

To ChiTrib: Prison or execution...

Chicago Tuesday AM 31 July 2012

Voice of the People, Chicago Tribune


A letter (Death penalty) in the Tuesday 31 July Chicago
Tribune says "innocent people have received the death
penalty... for some of them, the discovery of innocence
came too late to save their lives." A second letter says
"... Holmes... forfeited his right to move about freely in
this world. Behind bars, he poses no further risk to others...."

Both the points are made often - rarely seen: How many
innocent people have been executed and how many perps,
after committing horrible crimes, get life terms with no
parole, subsequently get paroled anyway, then commit
even more horrible crimes than they did initially?

One fact: someone executed for committing a horrible crime
never does it again! So which is the larger number: the
incorrectly executed, or the people subsequently murdered
by someone who was convicted, incarcerated, but still
managed to go free and repeat their crime?

Arnold H Nelson


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