Chicago PM Monday 30 May 2011

Editors, The New York Times


The New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow writes in a column “Endangered Ryan-os” Saturday 28 May “how profoundly Republicans underestimated the

public’s distaste for their draconian Medicare proposal.” Mr. Blow then asserts


“Now the Democrats have a quiver of arrows aimed squarely at this newly exposed Republican weak spot”, demonstrating this point by referencing New

York's 26th congressional district “... the Republican district that Democrats

won on Tuesday.”

Mr. Blow doesn't detail the results of that election as listed in the Times news

article of Tuesday 24 May where the Democrat did not get a majority vote, only 47 percent to the Republican’s 43 percent and a “Tea Party” candidate's 9 percent.

This seems odd since the Tea Party is largely credited with the Republican capture

of 58 Democrat seats in the House of Representatives in November 2010, by not running as a third party, working only through the Republican Party. Had the

Tea party worked and voted Tuesday 24 in District 26 as they did nationally last November the Republican would have won with a 52% majority vote.

Arnold H Nelson

5056 North Marine Drive Chicago 60640