Friday, July 27, 2012

To Rolling Stone on 'global warming'

Chicago PM Wednesday 25 July 2012

Editors, Rolling Stone 


Rolling Stone's article “Global Warming's Terrifying New Math” [Thursday 19 July 2012] invites comment.

A key support of the author's position is reference to use of “sophisticated computer-simulation models that have been built by climate scientists around the world over the past few decades.”  The entire global warming justification is 
based on mathematical models:  Take a series of documented climate conditions from the past, put them in a computer,  and viola! Disaster is inevitable!  What is never admitted is the pathetically small set of past data there is to work with.

This can be demonsrated by a model projecting the planet's 4.5 billion year age on an 80-year human lifetime. Such a model shows one year of earth time equivalent to 0.562 seconds of an 80-year human life span. This means humans first appeared in our model earth 39 days ago. They had no idea of measuring temperature before Galileo's 1593 thermometer invention, 4 minutes ago to our senior citizen., Discovery of carbon dioxide in 1630? 3 minutes 30 seconds ago. 

The article itself has examples: “Until a quarter-century ago, almost no one knew that CO2 was dangerous.” Quarter centuryL fourteen seconds in the geezer model. The article closes with another good example of this model's surprises, referring to “the Holocene, the 11,000-year period of climatic stability we're now leaving...” 11,000 years is 1 hour 43 minutes in our 80-year model.

The article also makes at least two references to Arctic sea ice (“staggering melt of Arctic ice” and "A third of summer sea ice in the Arctic is gone.” You might want to be careful with this one: On Sunday 19 August 2000 a very prominent United States Newspaper (a favorite of the author?) printed: 

"The thick ice that has for ages covered the Arctic Ocean at the pole has turned to water, recent visitors there reported yesterday. At least for the time being, an ice-free patch of ocean about a mile wide has opened at the very top of the world, something that has presumably never before been seen by humans and is more evidence that global warming may be real and already affecting climate."

Ten days later they printed this correction:

"A front-page article in the Aug 19, 2000 edition... about the sighting of open water at the North Pole misstated the normal conditions of the sea ice there. The reports also referred incompletely to the link between the open water and global warming." You can look it up.

The article quotes a spokesman for small island nations warning that "many would not survive” Global warming. One such Island nation is the Maldive islands: population 400 thousand, highest point above water level 7 feet. We have islands like that in Lake Michigan, uninhabited, because of occasional 7+ foot waves. 

The word 'scientist' appears at least 16 times in the article. What makes a scientist? What are his/her basic credentials/union card? An advanced degree! And who is 
the Godfather of all scientists? The one who wrote the book, got an oscar for the movie, got the Noble Prize for Global Warming? Albert Gore Jr! And what advanced degree does he have? Not a one! A Bachelor's from Harvard, certainly, but with only two science courses – one called: “Man's place in Nature” (he got a 'D' grade.)

Arnold H Nelson

Increasing progressivity of federal tax system

Chicago AM Friday 27 July 2012

Editors. The Wall Street Journal


Ari Fleischer's Monday 23 July 2012 OpEd “The Latest News on 
Tax Fairness” all too clearly describes 30 years of increasing 
progressivity in the US tax system. The ultimate problem with 
this is that it can only lead to a point were essentially 
everyone in the nation ending up with the exact same 
income.  This was demonstrated in the Soviet Union, and 
continues to be demonstrated in North Korea. When will 
we learn?

Arnold H Nelson

Armed officers on Army bases?

Chicago PM Thursday 26 July 2012

The Voice of the People, Chicago Tribune


A Voice of the People letter 'Armed victims' [Thursday 26 July] says
“For those who claim that the Colorado shootings could have been 
prevented if everyone in the theater had firearms, let me remind 
you that the Ft. Hood shooter killed 13 and wounded 33 others 
on a military base where officers carry sidearms.”

A Chicago Tribune news article [Friday 06 Nov 2009] says: 
“Hasan [the Fort Hood shooter] was shot multiple times by a 
civilian Army police officer....” and further: “The rules for 
carrying weapons on an Army post are standard throughout all 
bases... The only personnel allowed to openly display weapons on
 the base are military police, said... an Army spokesman."

Arnold H nelson

Monday, July 23, 2012

To ChiTrib on eliminating Legislative temper tantrums

Chicago PM Monday 23 July 2012 

Voice of the people, Chicago Tribune  


A letter in the Chicago Tribune 'Immature D.C.' [Monday 23 July] laments that when “...the country is in an economic turndown... politicians should take the situation seriously”  but that “... we've been treated to an unprecedented amount of partisan temper tantrums....”

The Statistical Abstract of the United States shows 73% of all federal taxes, even though credited to individual taxpayers, actually came from employer bank accounts, not taxpayer bank accounts (withholding.) Sure, the employee gets a note from the employer:  “We had to send this money to the feds under jail threat, but if we weren't we would give it to you.”   Compounding this problem:  employers do the only thing they can do:  add the cost of that tax to the price of their product, changing what are supposed to be voter paid income taxes to a national sales tax.  Added irritant:  how often do you hear:  “I paid in!  I deserve Social Security!  I deserve medicare! 

The solution to this scam: Get a majority of the House of reps, 60 Senators, and a President with backbone enough to change the US Tax code from "every employer making payment of wages shall deduct and withhold upon such wages a tax..." to "every employer making payment of wages shall pay all of those wages to the employee...." The employer would still calculate the tax, including a note to the employee: "Here is what the feds are expecting you personally to remit in 30 days"

Returning to the 90% of voters who are wage earners the responsibility of writing monthly checks to fund the government would encourage voting for legislators more likely to “take the situation seriously”  and less likely to participate in “partisan temper tantrums”

Arnold H Nelson

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reply to WSJ corporations aren't people letter

Chicago PM Sunday 22 July  2012  

Editors, The Wall Street Journal


A letter in the Wall Street Journal [“Yes, Corporations Have a Body, but Don't Have a Soul” Friday 20 July] makes the point:  

“The implied accusation of class warfare against those who are reluctant to view corporations as people is equally applicable to those who are wont to view governments as something sinister and depersonalized rather than what governments in a democratic republic actually are: fellow citizens given the task of carrying out the common will.”

In the same WSJ issue Kim Strassel writes of  an Idaho businessman contributing to Mitt Romney's campaign, closely followed by an Obama campaign website sluring him as having a "less-than-reputable" record.  Strassel continues noting that just 12 days after that attack, the Idahoan found an investigator (a recent employee of Senate Democrats) digging to unearth his divorce records.  A third unexpected contact from the feds was a letter  informing him his tax records had been "selected for examination" by the Internal Revenue Service. 

Are these federal government intrusions into a citizen's life what the letter writer meant referring to “fellow citizens... carrying out the common will”?

Arnold H Nelson

Friday, July 20, 2012

Short, succinct to WSJ an 'are corporations people?

Chicago PM Friday 20 July 2012

Editors, the Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal prints 7 letters [Friday 20 July] on whether corporations are people.  Only one refers to the First Amendment, 
which says: “Congress shall make no law... abridging...  the right of the people peaceably to assemble....”  What are corporations other than “people peaceable assembling?”

Arnold H Nelson

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

To WSJ on Obama alleged 'professorship'

Chicago Wednesday PM 18 July 2012

Editors, The Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal's Wednesday 17 July 2012 Review and Outlook "Staples vs. Solyndra"  says "Firms like Bain may have helped pay Mr. Obama's salary when he taught law at the University of Chicago. While he was a professor there...." Problem is, Barack Obama was never a professor at the University of Chicago. According to the University’s own “statement” on the matter, at  (a PR posting, not any  part of the faculty’s portion of the site), the best that can be contended for in this regard is that  "[Barack Obama] was a Senior Lecturer from 1996 to 2004..and Senior Lecturers are considered to be members of the Law School faculty and are regarded as regarded professors, although not full-time or tenure-track." 
Regarded “professors, although not full-time or tenure-track” by whom, the University does not say. Not likely by anyone who is, or aspires ever to be , “full-time or tenure-track.

Arnold H Nelson

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reply to Chicago Tribune global warming letters

Chicago PM Tuesday 17 July 2012

Voice of the People, Chicago Tribune


The  Chicago Tribune prints six letters on Tuesday 17 July that take decided umbrage with Dennis Byrne's Sunday 10 July column on global warming.   Yet the letter writers themselves seem oblivious to two major facts in the discussion:  1) The entire global warmingjustification is based on mathematical models:  Take a series of documented climate conditions from the past, put them in a computer,  and viola! Disaster is inevitable!  And 2) What is never admitted is the pathetically small set of past data there is to work with.
This can be demonstrated with a mathematical model:  projecting the planet's 4.5 billion year age on an   80-year  human lifetime.  Such a model shows one year of earth time
 equivalent to 0.562 seconds of an 80-year human life span.  This means humans first appeared in our model earth 39 days ago. They had no idea of measuring temperature before Galileo's 1593 thermometer invention, 4 minutes ago to our senior citizen; discovery of carbon dioxide in 1630? 3 minutes 30 seconds ago. 

Even a number quoted  in the letters - “CO2 levels...  are the highest they have been in 650,000 years” is only 4 1/2   days in our geezer model.    And “The Maldives will be submerged by the end of this century”?  The highest point in the Maldives is 7 feet above sea level.  We get higher waves than that on Lake Michigan.
If an MD takes an 80 year-old's blood pressure and gets 120 over 80, does it again 5 minutes later and gets 124 over 78, would she call 911 for an ambulance?
Arnold H Nelson

This printed in ChiTrib Wed 21 Sep 2011

Chicago AM Tuesday 13 September 2011
Voice of the People, Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune editorial “Perry's Ponzi point: (Tuesday 13 September) does a public service opening with the rarely stated fact that Ponzi investors “had a choice about participating” but Social Security is compulsory.

Any discussion of Social Security must recognize four undeniable facts:
1) No wage earner has ever sent in a penny to the Social Security system. All such money has come from employer bank accounts.
(Would 100 million wage earners dutifully send in a personal check 
every month for 1% of every pay to DC?) It has been a tax on 
employers from the beginning. The Commerce Department's 2011 
Statistical Abstract of the United States says that in 2009 this was 
36% of all the taxes the Federal Government took in that year.
2) If employers don't remit this tax every month, they go to jail, never 
the wage earner. Employers did get to deduct it from the employees' 
first checks after implementation, and every time there was a 1% 
bump in the rate, but 99% of all the money that's been credited to 
wage earners has come from Employer bank accounts, not wage 
3) Employers have an out: since all employers must do this, they 
have no competitive advantage to do anything but add it to the cost 
of their product, thus converting 'worker contributions' to a silent 
national sales tax. This fractured the crucial link between taxpayers 
and voters. Instead of voters writing monthly checks to support the federal government, they have drawers full of statements saying “you earned and your employer paid.” The government owes it to you!
4) No one is suggesting fixing this by stopping payments to current Social Security recipients - there is no need to: There are 40 million 
people over 65 in the US receiving $683 billion every year, but 2.5% 
of them are dying every year, so in 40 years, the problem solves itself. 
And what's $683 billion anyway? Barely a healthy stimulus.
There are alternatives. Companies like Prudential, New York Life, 
John Hancock. etc sell products called 'annuities'. Some say these 
companies are big, thus greedy. Yet you work thru an agent down the 
street. Are they big and greedy?
If they stopped requiring employers to send in money, would they give 
it to employees? Or would they use it to hire more people. Create jobs, anyone?
The Supreme Court has never been asked to decide the Constitutionality of the Social Security Act, but its 1961 Fleming vs Nestor decision (deciding a single individual's right to benefits) said: “The non-contractual interest of an employee covered by the [Social Security] Act cannot be soundly analogized to that of the holder of an annuity, whose right to benefits are based on his contractual premium payments.”
We must stop pretending that current workers are covered by a legitimate retirement system.
Arnold H Nelson