Chicago PM Saturday 19 May 2012 

Voice of the People, Chicago Tribune


A Chicago Tribune article “Anti-Obama ad flap deals blow to Wrigley Field rehab plan” [Friday 18 May] says “ the patriarch of the Chicago Cubs' ownership team had been offered a plan for using a super PAC to run racially tinged attack ads that linked PresidentBarack Obama to his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.”
 This is followed by [Obama's former White House chief of staff] Mayor Rahm Emanuel's reaction - furious. "I don't think that's fitting in a campaign of any nature... You can have disagreements without being disagreeable... America is too great a country with too great a future with the content they are talking about...And it's insulting to the president, it's insulting to the country."

If a Mormon lay priesthood leader had said the same things Rev Wright said [“America's chickens had come home to roots” etc.] and Mitt Romney had attended that leader's meetings for 20 years, and a prominent Democrat had come up with the same, religiously tinged scheme, would the Mayor have the same reaction?

Arnold H Nelson