Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Hill/ Obama/Osama/Romney

Chicago AM Saturday 28 April 2012

The Hill Newspaper, Washington DC


The Hill's Alicia Cohn opens her fine Friday 27 April article writing “Obama Web ad says Romney wouldn't have ordered bin Laden raid.”

It can only be hoped that Mitt Romney would not have fallen to that most basic human response (He killed, he must die)  but follow the much more realistic and useful proposition that if Osama could figure out how to kill 3,000 people in one attack he must have lots of other plans to repeat the deed, and also must know lots of bad people who could do the same. So lock him up and ask him questions for the rest of his natural life.

Let's hope Romney is smart enough to avoid catering to the lowest human instincts (Obama's apparent answer to every problem) with using every tool available to reduce the possibility of future deadly attacks.
Arnold H Nelson

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