Sunday, August 5, 2012

Who got us into this economic mess?

Chicago AM Friday 3 August 2012

Voice of the people, Chicago Tribune


A letter from Wheaton in the Tribune [Economic blame Friday 3 
August] says:

Let's not forget that it was Republicans and their Wall Street and 
big-business allies and their faulty policies that plunged us into this 
economic morass in the first place.”

Yes, George W Bush ran an at-the-time unheard of monthly average 
deficit of $20 billion for 6 straight years (assisted by a Democrat 
Congress, who know a thing or two about running deficits, the last 
two years of that administration it rose to $135 billion.) They also 
blew up theunemployment rate from 4% to 5.8%.

The same indices managed by Democrats for the last four years 
have been: average monthly deficit: $120 billion, unemployment at 
least 8%.

Arnold H Nelson

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