Sunday, August 12, 2012

ATR wants Tim Pawlenty for VP?!?

Email for Joshua Culling at Americans for Tax Reform:

Just read your Wednesday 8 August NationalReview cornerpost - everything went well until I hit... Tim Paw-who?

In spite of what Dick Cheney said about passing some weird 'test', there will be no chance for a VP candidate to take over for a President unless the prez candidate gets elected.  Doing that has nothing to do w/ the VP candidate's experience, or what interest groups or states he/she might capture, etc.  What can the VP candidate do to help the Prez candidate get elected?  Travel the entire country, speak every day to any/every group who will listen, tell them why they should vote for the prez candidate.

There is only one prospective Repub VP candidate who can do that: Sarah Palin.  She has been traveling the nation since 2008 campaigning for the TeaParty, welcomed by all.  She has not got every single one elected, but she has helped more candidates get elected than Pawlenty, Ryan, Christy, etc. combined.

When she made that famous bus trip thru New England, Rush Limbaugh noted that "Her bus was followed by 20 cars full of media trying to keep up w/ her... where was Katie Couric...?" 

Palin has campaigned at every level:  PTA, school board, city council, mayor, governor.  Sure. of Alaska, the 47th most populous state.  She may not be able to see Russia out her kitchen window, but if you take a piece of string, place one end on what is probably our most likely atomic missile attacker (North Korea) put the other end at each of our three largest cities (NY, LA, Chicago) the string will always cross Alaska.  The Defense department knows this, and keeps close contact w/ the Alaska National Guard because of that. The ANG is headed by... the Governor of Alaska! 

Palin was chair of the Alaska oil and gas commission - Alaska is the 2nd state in gas and oil production.  Does Minnesota have an oil and gas commission? 

Arn Nelson on the Democrat occupied west bank of Lake Michigan (IL 9th CD, repped by Nancy Pelosi's evil twin, Jan Schakowsky.)   
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