Saturday, August 4, 2001

Chicago Tribune 'L' train graphic

Saturday, August 4, 2001 10:52 AM

Stacy SweatAssoc. Managing Editor/Design and Graphics
Chicago Tribune

Ms. Sweat: In another outstanding Tribune graphic(this one on the front page of the Saturday, August 4,edition on the Brown/Purple line elevated train accident Friday morning) there is a problem: The drawing shows two sets of tracks (quite clearly on thebottom of the drawing, very clearly on the top) but according to the 'direction of travel' indicator arrow, the trains are shown to be proceeding on the left hand track. Was the illustrator simultaneously working on a drawing of the Union Pacific Northwestline car/train accident on the same morning? UP commuter trains in the Chicago area do run on the left(an obscure, but interesting, reason for that,) but CTA trains run on the right.

You and your staff do a great job. I always lookforward to the graphics.

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