Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Will Obama be "at least a competent president"?

Chicago, Wednesday AM, July 23, 2008

Editors, Wall Street Journal

Your OpEds are the best in the business, never more than when they include Mr. Shelby Steele. There was more information in his Tuesday, July 22, piece 'Why Jesse Jackson Hates Obama' on Barack Obama than anywhere else since he began his run for president.

Deep in the middle of this article is a thought I have not seen anywhere else: "... an Obama presidency might nudge the culture forward a bit -- presuming ... he would be at least a competent president. (A less-than-competent black president would likely be a step backwards.)"

Barack Obama is the least prepared, most inexperienced and under educated candidate for US president or Vice President in history. His most significant work experience is eight years in the Illinois State Senate, a job requiring less management talent that a Chicago Bears third string jock strap attendant, without the responsibility. And if he'd been 100% white he'd never even have got that gig.

Next on his Curriculum Vitae is "Neighborhood activist", a Chicago euphemism for junior precinct captain, itself a euphemism for an errand creature who is given a list of voters every two years, and is told: "If any of these people don't vote, you're outahere, pal!!!"

Obama has a hardly used Harvard Law Degree, teaching Constitutional law at the University of Chicago, as Clinton at the University of Arkansas. Clinton went on to get elected state Attorney General, elected and reelected Governor of his state. OBama? See Chicago Bears attendant above.

For all of John McCain's problems with teleprompters, Obama cannot speak without one. Listen to one of his off the cuff public speeches, he says more 'uhs', 'ums' and 'ya knos' than a class of third graders. Ronald Reagan learned to speak as an actor, but practiced management by being elected and re-elected Governor of the nation's largest state.

It's unfortunate that so many prominent American blacks are so impressed with Obama - the absolutely brilliant and super educated Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, recently said "it's a remarkable accomplishment" that a black politician is on track for his party's presidential nomination.

Obama's election as President will be no less embarrassing for all concerned than the election of any run-of-the-mill far left fringe Democrat politician. Presuming Obama would be at least a competent president is a mighty big presumption if you expect to "nudge the culture forward a bit."

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