Saturday, August 30, 2008

Letter to Chicago Subn-Times on Sarah Palin

Chicago Saturday, August 30, 2008 3:43 PM

Editors, Chicago Sun-Times


Your Saturday, August 30 front-page headline "Maverick Rolls the Dice" referring to John McCain's VP choice of a "first term" governor with "limited experience" contrasts revealingly with the second paragraph reference to "the youthful and charismatic Barack Obama."

Governor Sarah Palin is further described as "chief of one of the least-populated states." Are things so tight at the Sun-Times you don't have a $10 almanac that clearly shows Alaska is the 4th least populated state?

You say further that Palin's "elder son is fighting in Iraq" and quote a description of her as "a working mother with a child in Iraq...," and have a picture of her with "fifth child, son Trig...." A subsequent article clears up this fog by pointing out it's 18-year-old son Trig, due to be deployed to Iraq in September." [Note, I was wrong here: Track is in Iraq, baby trig is home]

Then you quote Obama spokesman Bill Burton: "John McCain put the former mayor of a town 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency." Well now, how big is the town Obama was mayor of? And altho being governor of a state separated from Russia by a strait about half that of Mackinac is not the nation's number 1 foreign relations subject (right now, at least,) it has significantly more responsibility than slogging thru the mud of Indonesia between ages 6 and 10 (which is itself probably more significant than chairing the Senate Foreign Relations committee for 20 years,).

It is fun watching the pathetic attempts of Obama backers trying to inflate his top government experience, 8 years as an Illinois state senator, as any more than that of a Chicago Cubs' ball girl. To the Sun-Times credit, you do quote McCain backers saying the undeniable facts that Palin has "two years of executive experience that no one else has on either ticket" and "She made more decisions in two years as chief executive of a state than Barack Obama did in his entire career in the Illinois Legislature...."

School board, city council, mayor, governor... that's lots more significant political slogging than 'community organizer' (AKA in Chicago as junior precinct captain,) State Senator and really inspiring teleprompter reader.

Arnold H Nelson
5056 North Marine Drive
Chicago 60640

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