Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trib letter on Boul Mich bridge safety

Chicago Tuesday afternoon, December 2, 2008

Voice of the People, Chicago Tribune

Gentlepeople: Your Tuesday, December 2, article "Slippery when wet—but ever so pretty" makes excellent points about how the Michigan Avenue bridge can get dangerous in icy weather. But how safe is it on a bright, tourist-clogged summer day? A camera tugging visitor stands right next to the roadway to get a pic of his hosts standing at the rail with Wacker Drive and Trump Tower in the background. He wants a slightly better angle, so instinctively takes a backward step, but trips backwards over the ankle-high rail, the only thing separating him from speeding traffic. The photog could fall so quickly that even a motorist traveling at normal Michigan bridge speed would have no chance of stopping in time. The fact that it has apparently never happened could mean only that we've been very lucky.

Arnold H. Nelson Chicago 60640

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quietman said...

I doubt that Jimmy Olson gave it much thought.