Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New York Times on health insurance

Chicago Wednesday AM May 13, 2009

Editors, the New York Times


The New York Times' Tuesday, May 12 editorial "A Moderate Plan for Health Care" talks of "private insurers concerned about profit margins" who "need to generate profits", subjects the Times can certainly speak authoritatively about. Just ask anyone involved with the Boston Globe about the Times concern with its own profit margins and need to generate profits.

The editorial speaks further of "Private plans" who "mostly pass rising ... costs on to the subscriber." And who is more ready to pass their rising costs on to their subscribers?
The editorial also mentions "people who don’t trust private insurers to have their best interest at heart." Maybe the Boston Globe unions could describe whose interests the Times has at heart.

As with any good editorial, the best is saved for last: "It should be possible to design a system... without destroying the private coverage that most Americans have.... The question is whether Republicans in Congress are willing to try."

Since the Democrats have more than comfortable majorities in both houses of Congress, and a President just itching to take over as much of the private sector as he can, why the worry of what the Republicans are willing to try?

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