Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Massacre or battle?"

Chicago Tuesday PM, 18 August 2009 Voice of the People, Chicago Tribune


Your "Massacre or battle?" editorial of Tuesday, August 18, attempting to justify the knee-jerk politically correct renaming of the site of the Saturday, August 15, 1812 Fort Dearborn Massacre is an assault on the bedrock foundation of newspapers: words. Battle means one thing, massacre means another.

Will Chicago's Native American citizens reenact the battle at the new park? Will they celebrate their victory? Will you issue a correction of your Friday, September 1, 1995 statement "During... the massacre of the Marlins, Cubs General Manager Ed Lynch was busy...."

What next? The Battle of Sand Creek (29 November 1864)? The Battle of St. Valentine's day?

Arnold H Nelson
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