Thursday, April 1, 2010

Letter to WSJ on Tea Party

Chicago Thursday PM 1 April 2010

Editors, the Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal of Thursday, April 1 has an article “Where the Tea Partiers Should Go From Here” where Karl Rove Describes their present status as well as anyone can, then presents an excellent proposal of what they should do next to return the country to its senses.

The Tea Partiers are unique as a political force in that: 1) they appear to be leaderless, but 2) few movements in US history can match them for comon objectives and determination. These attributes are what define them and make them strong.

As a next step there is one thing they can pledge to themselves which could have a major influence in achieving those objectives: their number one goal should be running a recognized Tea Partier in every Repiblican primary y election in the country in 2010. We don't need a third party – we have a perfectly good major party just waiting to be taken over by people with Tea Party principles.

As of April 1, Illinois and Texas are beyond help, but that leaves 33 senate seats and 384 House Reps available.

This would give the Tea Partiers a national voice of considerable heft, and solve the perennial Republican RINO problem – wishy-washy Republicans who too often may as well be Democrats. Tea Partiers need not call themselves Conservatives, but will sure be able to define a new force on the national scene: Real Republicans.

Arnold H Nelson

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