Saturday, August 21, 2010

Letter to WSJ on Obamascare repeal

Chicago Friday PM 26 March 2010

Editors, The Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal OpEd “ObamaCare: Repeal, Replace, or What” of Friday, March 26, includes the word 'repeal' in reference to our new health-care entitlement 13 times.

Amendments are repealed – laws passed by Congress are enforced, or if successfully challenged, struck down by the Supreme Court as being unconstitutional.

Anyone with a reading knowledge of the Constitution knows ObamaCare is unconstitutional. But is it anymore unconstitutional than Medicare, or even Social Seeurity? Striking down only ObamaCare would be like remremoveingelanoma on your face because it is ugly, while ignoring others on your body that can kill you just as fast.

George W Bush's tried to replace Social Security with private investments. The left went berserk: “The stock market? You can lose everything there.” Well every penny ever 'contributed' to Social Security was lost as soon as it hit the general fund, replaced by a room full of notes saying “future US taxpayers will pay...” The Supreme Court said in Fleming vs Nestor 1960 that “Congress ... expressly reserved the right to alter, amend or repeal any provision of the [Social Security] Act.”

And Mediscare? LBJ reminded seniors to look at those piles of pay stubs: “See all that money you've paid in income tax? Don't you deserve some of it back in medical help?” But two thirds of all the money that came into the federal treasury from all sources in 2008 came from employer bank accounts as withholding. Who cared?

Of course, the left hears that they scream: “General Welfare clause!” Too bad they weren't introduced to the Federalist papers in Junior High School, where father James Madison clearly explains in Numbe 41 that the founders didn't mean Congress can do whatever it wants: only what is stated in the 17 clauses immediately following “General Welfare” - no mention of “health care' or “old age pensions.”

We need a Contract with America 2010, subtitled “Back to the Founders.” They knew what they were doing. Today's Democrats (and far too many so-called Republicans) know what they're doing, too: Sovietizing the United States of America.

Arnold H Nelson

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