Sunday, October 31, 2010

Letter to Chicago Tribune: Lazy writing?

Chicago PM Sunday 31 October 2010

The Voice of the People, Chicago Tribune


The Chicago Tribune article “Campaign litter: Truth or fiction?” of Friday 29 October includes the statement: “Millions of Israeli and American Jews — not to mention the last several presidents of the United States — support greater restraint in Israel's settlement policies.”

Israel and the US have populations of 5.314 million and 5.275 million respectivly, so millions of either group is certainly a good guess. But in a Chicago Tribune article the reader might appreciate a little more research, like maybe half or ¾ of Israeli and American Jews?

And “'several' presidents of the United States”? President Truman recognized Israel 11 minutes after its declaration at the stroke of midnight Friday 14 May 1948. So how much research would it take to determine exactly how many of the last 12 presidents have supported “greater restraint in Israel's settlement policies”?

This is especially surprising in an article closing by complaining of “...the trash talk of a political campaign....”

Arnold H Nelson in Chicago

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