Monday, February 7, 2011

Letter to WSJ on Mitch Daniels and ObamaScare

Chicago Monday AM 7 February 2011

Editors, The Wall Street Journal


Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels' needs only 120 words of the second and third paragraphs of his Monday 7 February Wall Street Journal article “An ObamaCare Appeal From the States” to describe the disaster that is ObamaCare better than it's been done anywhere.

He follows that with a list of seven conditions that his state needs to participate in the program. At first glance these appear to be just 'tweaks' to the ObamaCare train wreck, but careful reading shows them to be very good tweaks. Politics is the art of the possible, and Governor Daniels is a very good politician, so maybe he's on the right track to make his proposal in language the opposition can understand. He further states that he has 21 other states that agree with him, further confirming the value of his article.

Accepting Governor Daniels' conditions will make us a much more prosperous nation, but somewhere along the line we must face the facts that we have ObamaCare because we accepted the equally unconstitutional Medicare, and we got that because we accepted the federally managed Madoff ponzi scheme of Social Security. Until we fix these two problems, we will always be subject to more ObamaCare type scams.

Arnold H Nelson

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