Thursday, August 4, 2011

Letter to UK Financial Times on Obama

Chicago USA Thursday 4 August 2011

Editors UK Financial Times


The Financial Times' Tuesday 2 August article “Obama’s image takes a beating” opens “As Barack Obama celebrates his 50th birthday on Thursday, there are no shortage of things he could wish for.”

With the debt-ceiling resolution of Tuesday 2 August Barack Obama could care less if anyone thinks he 'took a beating'. He got exactly what he wished for: removal of all possibility of getting involved in any silly 'debt-ceiling' game the legislature likes to play with itself, so he can spend all dollars necessary to buy a 2012 reelection victory.

The article closes with: “Still, it is little comfort to a man who ... [still has] Friday’s looming unemployment data to look forward to.”

Except for a few months with a New York law firm (where he felt he was “behind enemy lines”) Barack Obama's entire career has been in the most leftward part of the public sector.

Since becoming President Barrack Obama has increased George W Bush's 2008 5.8% unemployment rate to 9.2%. The President has replaced Bush's unprecedented average monthly $20 billion deficit his own $125 billion average monthly deficit. The first black president was supposed to 'bring us together' in race relations, and they have only gotten worse.

Everything he does as President brings the country closer to failure, closer to his lifetime goal of reading from his teleprompter on national TV: “The country is failing... but it's too big to fail. To keep the country from failing I am issuing an executive order nationalizing every activity in the country. Everyone will responsible only to the Federal government. Every need, housing, food, healthcare will be furnished free by the federal government. Your local commissar will be in touch with each of you in the morning. Thank you and good nite.”

Arnold H Nelson in Chicago

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