Thursday, November 3, 2011

Letter to ChiTrib US Presidents & US national debt

Chicago AM 3 November 2011

Voice of the people, Chicago Tribune


The Chicago Tribune on Sunday 30 October featured an impressive graphic at the bottom of page 27 titled “Commanders-in-debt” showing Federal debt accumulated by presidency. In case the reader needs reminding, it is pointed out that “more than 60% of that amount has accrued in just the last decade.”

That decade is essentially the current and immediately preceeding presidents'. President George W Bush is listed as having accounted for 32.8% of the national debt, and President Obama only 28.9%. Some people will say: “Hey, look, the evil George W Bush accumulated more national debt than the sainted Barack H Obama.” Do they go a little further and realize that it took George Bush 96 months do his part ($51 billion per month), and only 33 months ($131 billion per month) for the current President to do his. At this rate President Obama will leave President Bush in the debt dust around November 15 of this year. Will the Chicago Tribune note this event in another article?

Arnold H Nelson (48bc)

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