Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Letter to WSJ on Gingrich

Chicago Wednesday AM 18 January 2012

Editors, The Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal's Kim Strassel uses a quarter of her Tuesday 17 January “Romney's Rivals Fizzle in South Carolina” OpEd noting Newt Gingrich's recent errors in pursu├»ng the Republican Presidential nomination (everything from “running... as an anticapitalist” thru “taping populist anger against wealthy Americans.”) Did she have a particular reason for not noting he balanced four straight federal budgets, and the fact that if it hadn't been for him, we would be entering our 58th straight year of a Democrat owned House of Representatives.

Considering the previous evening was a major debate she could also have noted that Mr Gingrich made the final point of that debate, with what could easily be the best point made in all the debates. Responding to a twitter asking what he thought of 'No Child Left behind' he said: “I think it’s clearly a failure...,I find virtually no teacher who likes it....
the correct answer is to radically reduce the Department of Education... return the money and the power back home to the states.”

The best things the federal government ever did for education were the first two: The 1745 Land Use act which reserved 1/36 of all public land for local schools, and the 1862 Morrill act, again dedicating public land for use in establishing our State College system. Note that both of these federal actions were endowments of resources the federal government owned, not involving a tax of any kind.

Arnold H Nelson

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