Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Like, ya' kno?

Tuesday, March 12, 2002 9:39 AM

From: Arnold Nelson
To: Kathryn Jean Lopez

Jay Nordlinger's piece today...

...the comment on [figure skating champ] Sarah Hughes: I don't own a TV, but did happen to hear Hughes talk for a couple minutes after winning the medal, and again yesterday for a somewhat shorter time, on her reception at home. She sounded like a sixteen-year-old, with plenty of "ya know"s, but I have yet to hear her say 'like'. I overhear 40-year-olds on the el here in Chicago who can barely say three words without a 'like' let alone go three minutes without it.

Appreciating civilized talk wherever I can hear it,Arnold H. Nelson (from the democrat occupied west bankof Lake Michigan, Illinois 9th CD)

PS sent this to you because I did not see a link for Mr. Nordlinger.

[I met Nordlinger face-to-face at a reception for National Review editors and readers at the East Bank Club here in Chcago. He's from Ann Arbor MI, and was quite interested that I was from South Haven. I told him about our high school band marching/playing in U of M stadium in 1952 at band day. There were 94 bands that marched out on the field, and we were the third, so we got to watch 91 other bands march on after us. He seemed impressed.]

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