Thursday, October 25, 2007

For 20 years I got my hair cut every three weeks...

...on LaSalle street, ending up w/ $22 a visit. So a few years ago I found a place at Montrose and Kimball where it's five dollars.

I sure didn't expect them to throw in the beard for nothing (as Mike LaSalle did,) since there is more hair to cut in my beard than on my head, so I was OK w/ $10 for the whole job when I went first on August 3. 2005. I also had them do it w/ a "number one clipper", which is pretty spectacular for the first few days, but soon enough starts looking as normal as it ever could.

Three months later I went back, and this time really didn't need anything on the head cut off, just the beard. They responded by charging me only $3. I argued vociferously - well, not really vociferously, and not even at all - just a very small interior smile.

Ever since then I've alternated $8, $3, every three months. That's been OK, but lately they've given me a little argument, trying to get back to the $10, but each time I've explained it was their idea, and they have grudgingly backed off to the $8.

But then it got to the point I was hating going there, because I just don't like arguments, even when I win.Yesterday I got the whole job, gave the barberette one dollar, and headed to the checkout, teeth gritted, and a five and three singles gripped in my hand. I couldn't read the ticket the girl gave me, but just thot it must be $10. The checkout guy was on the fone, but made eye contact, and I asked "how much?" Answer, turning head slightly to indicate it was for me, not fone: "Seven."

Sometimes I just have trouble understanding human beings.

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