Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama on the Special Olympics

Chicago Saturday PM, March 21, 2009

Editors, Wall Street Journal Gentlepeople: What possible good do you see in wasting 243 words of the most valuable opinion space in Journalism on defending Obama from “getting lashed “ for another outrageous tongue slip that tells much more about him than the people he insulted ("Bowling Pins and Needles" editorial Saturday March 21, 2009.) Sure he apologized to everyone in sight, and I'm sure Special Olympians are no more immune to Obama worship than any other segment of the population. You say “Mr. Obama was clearly trying to make fun of himself.” That’s for sure, by clearly comparing himself to special Olympians.

Did you have similar WSJ editorials chastising the ‘political correctness police’ for their lashing of misspelling ‘potato’ and mispronouncing ‘nuclear,’ neither remotely demeaning anyone other than the speaker?

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