Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snarlin' Arlen shows his core value...

...getting reelected.

Chicago Wednesday PM, March 25, 2009

Editors, Wall Street Journal


Your editorial of Wednesday, March 25 "The Power of 41" notes one of those rare occasions when Senator Specter of Pennsylvania acts like a Republican for a change, backing a filibuster of the "Free Union Bosses from the Tyranny of the secret ballot" bill. You add that for this to occur, there's probably a reelection campaign coming up: "Mr. Specter is undoubtedly hoping that by getting on the right side of what has become a grassroots issue for the GOP, he might avoid an ugly primary battle for his Senate seat next year."

We had a similar situation in the fall of 1991, when Senator Specter uncharacteristically was a strong supporter of Clarence Thomas for the Supreme court. The Senator had no problem with a primary challenge in 1992, but he was forced to pull a squeaker win in the general that fall.

But going back five years from that the Senator was finally able to vote his conscience, against the nomination of the finest legal mind of a generation, Robert Bork, conveniently only eleven months after a healthy election win in November 1986.

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