... do not show national debt decreasing for the 4 years Bubba (ably assisted by Republican
congresses) allegedly had surpluses

In 72 months with a Republican (spending initiating) House of Reps...

Monday, June 27, 2011 7:40 AM

... George W Bush had an average monthly deficit of $20 billion: $1.4 trillion

In 24 months w/ a Democrat congress, O'wutzisname had a monthly average
deficit of $135 billion: $3.2 trillion total.

House/Senate joint resolution of 10 October 2002 listed 22 reasons
(Whereas...) to invade Iraq (w/o even once using the word 'oil') has
1350 words. I'm sure there were some members of Congress who did
not read this entire document, but I would hopefully guess it was read
by more Republican members than Democrats. I feel certain George W
Bush read it more than once.

ObamaScare (The Affordable care act etc) has 2100 pages. I have
not yet determined how many words it has per page. How many hands
would it take to count how many members of Congress have read all
2100 pages? Somehow I feel certain BH Obama did not.

The 2011 World Almanac shows the US Federal Government running
surpluses in FYs 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 (the first in 40 years.) This point
listed in case you haven't heard AlGore announce it. But a listing of the
annual national debt in the same publication doesn't show the national debt
going down in even one of those years. Any idea why this surplus was
not applied to the debt, as it was the last time it happened (1951)?

Arn Nelson in CHicago