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Wednesday 24 October  2012

To: WSJ, Best of the Web Today

In a 90 year life time, a famous American,  outstanding student,
writes 56 best selling books, makes enough money from them
to donate $100 million to top universities ( Texas, Swarthmore....) Soon after birth he was left on a church doorstep in Philadelphia in 1907, with a note attached
from the apparent mother: “I am unable to care for this baby.
Please find someone who can care for him properly”.  This
request was followed, and the individual was raised and
schooled by adoption.

Don't you think with such success and income, this man could
spend whatever necessary to find out who the woman who left
him on the doorstep was? Such a man did exist, but with no
success at all: Mr “Tales from the South Pacific himself” James
A Michener. For all his success and fame. He could have been
the result of rape or incest. No one will ever know.

No matter what the situation, abortion is always for the
convenience of the perpetrators - it's never the baby's fault.

Arnold H Nelson  in Chicago

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