Sunday, December 9, 2012

WSJ and Red vs Blue

Chicago PM Sunday 14 October 2012

Editors, the Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal has two charts depicting 
differences between Republicans and Democrats 
[“The Registration Drive: Who's Up Where” and
 “TV Ad buys in Top Ten Markets of the Presidential 
Race”  Saturday 13 October.]   In both charts the 
Republicans are represented as red  and the Democrats 
blue.  This seems to be the convention in major US 
publications, started by the perennial second largest 
paper in national circulation  (the paper that has street 
distribution boxes that try to look like TV sets)  in 
response to the Republican take-over of the House of 
Reps in 1994. 

Why does the Wall Street Journal follow this 
convention?  Why can't the Journal represent the 
Democrats with the color of revolution and leftism, 
and the Republicans with the color of the side that 
won the civil war?

Arnold H Nelson

Chicago 60640 

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