Monday, February 11, 2013

Obama and Hillary...

... have any other two alleged leaders had less experience
leading between them?

Chicago Sunday 10 February 2013

Editors, The Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan presents a thotful
and well written column “So God Made a Fawner”
[Declarations Saturday 9 February,] accompanied by an
outstanding color foto of our current President and
recently retired Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

It seems odd that no mention is made of what in either's
career experience would lead to such high positions. The
President was elected a Senator for one term, but spent the
last half of that running for president. Beyond that his most
significant political experience was 6 years sitting at a little
desk in the Illinois State Senate waiting for his party leader
to come around to tell him how to vote on the next question.
If he had been non-black, he would have needed to buy his
own bus ticket to Iowa in 2007, and been lucky to be met at
the station by his grandmother.

After Mrs. Clinton graduated with honors from a top school,
her next high point was being photographed glaring at
President Nixon in the Watergate hearings. Her biggest
accomplishment was meeting, and subsequently marrying, a
brilliant, hard working politician. During his two terms as
President, she ably traveled around the world having tea with
wives of other international leaders.  She is said to be a lawyer,
but did she ever practice in a state where her husband was not
attorney general? If she had not nailed Bubah Clinton at Yale,
she would be checkinbg out books at the Park Ridge IL public

Contrast those two curriculum vitaes with those of President
Reagan, elected and reelected to two terms as Governor of the
most populous state in the Union, or George W Bush, elected
as governor of the second largest state, reelected to a second
term by two to one margin.

Arnold H Nelson

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