Monday, February 11, 2013

Six great articles... one edition of the Wall Street Journal:

Chicago AM Wednesday 6 February 2013

Editors, The Wall Street Journal


Long time WSJ subscribing neighbors have been passing it on
to me every AM for over 5 years.  Receipt is  high point of my
day. For who knows why I quickly scanned the Thursday 24
January 2013 edition, then put it down, picked it up again
early this AM and found… six absolutely knockout articles:
1) Chuck Hagel's Unsettling History, 2) The Romney Care
Bill Comes Due, 3) Hillary Pitches a Benghazi Shutout,
4) Climate-Change Misdirection, 5) Even for Minnesota,
it's cold, and 6) The British Assault on an Island Off
Argentina Is for the Birds.

Every day is a good day to read WSJ, but these six articles were absolutely astounding!  Thanks so much.

Arnold H Nelson

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