Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Letter to ChiTrib on Repub primary process

Chicago Tuesday PM 21 February 2012

Chicago Tribune, Voice of the People


The Chicago Tribune Editorial “The Santorum moment “ of Tuesday 21 February dismisses Newt Gingrich as having a “mammoth ego and condescending personality.” Can't someone who engineered the last federal budget surpluses (four in a row, 1998 thru 2001) as speaker of the US House of Representatives, have any ego and personality they want? Further, if it hadn't been for Newt Gingrich, the nation would be suffering thru its 58th straight year of Democrats controlling the spending initiating branch of our federal government.

The editorial accuses Santorum of “almost trying to give ammunition to those who regard him as a right-wing extremist.” Has the Tribune ever accused the current president of being a “left-wing extremist?” Certainly not in this editorial, where he is later referred to as “a gifted campaigner” The President's only gift is the ability to use a speech-enhancing tool invented in 1984, that allows him to read a prewritten script while appearing to speak from memory. Has any member of the Tribune Editorial Board ever heard him speak without it?

The first six years of the George W Bush presidency had an average monthly deficit of $20 billion (the last two years, assisted by a Democrat House of reps raised this to $35 billion/month.) This performance was unheard of at the time (noted disapprovingly in 48 Tribune editorials in the period.)

The corresponding figure for the current president's first 31 months was $120 billion/month. This administration is in deep trouble, and they know it. No amount of telepromting can save it, regardless of the Republicans choice to run against it.

Arnold H Nelson

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