Sunday, March 31, 2013

A surprising response!

Here is a note I sent to 30 regular contacts on Wednesday 6 March…

… describing a minor thing that bugs me:

"One of the" whatever...

"... this phrase always bothers me.  It seems like such a throw away.  Does the
writer not have the time to do a little research?  which one?  Best, worst, biggest,

"I finally got around to doing a quick count on some majors:  On Tuesday 5
March the NYTimes used it 39 times, the Chicago Trib 21 times,
WSJ...87 times?!?!?"

Going thru my copy-in list I off hand checked a top Chicago Tribune writer.
Wow! I got the following reply from that writer:

"I’m not quite sure what your point is, Mr. Nelson. It’s a perfectly reasonable
phrase, though anything when overused is annoying, I know.  Thanks for taking
the time to read so thoroughly."

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