Sunday, March 31, 2013

Red State Blue state distortion...

Chicago Sunday 3 March 2013

To: "Erick Erickson"/Human_Events

Mr Erickson, I am sure you are not only a great American,
but a great American CONSERVATIVE, but it just galls me
every time I see right wing Republican  patriots refer to
themselves as RED! Red State, Red whatever.  I think this
goes back to the 1994 Gingrich take-over of the House of
reps.  I remember Rush L remarking the next day about a map
published in that absolutely inconsequential news rag USA
today (the newspaper whose street sales boxes try to look like
TV sets)  describing a map they printed showing the Repub
districts as red - I don't think he was making a point about the
color, just on the extent of the take over.

But somewhere along the line I think the Dems started
referring to the Red/Repub Blue/Dem thing, which is just
reverse of what it should be:  Blue is the color of the party
that won the civil war, red is the color of revolution,
communism. and everything the Dems stand for.

I've sent this to Rush many times, but of course, getting an
email to him personally is a monumental task.  But I think if
he ever gave it thot he'd start referring to the colors/parties
the right way, and I think Sean and Laura and Mark L would
quickly follow him,

I'm just a nobody out here, but I had a super letter in WSJ
Wenesday 5 January 2011 on James Madison explaining the
General Welfare clause. a knockout letter in the Wednesday
21 September 2011 Chicago Tribune explaining the Social
Security scam. And if you search for 'Arnold H Nelson' in the
UK Financial Times you will get two hits: one about a key
statement by FDR in his 1932 campaign, which not one
person in 10,000 usually would believe (he campaigned on
CUTTING federal spending!)    The other FT letter is about
Branch Ricky and Jackie Robinson.)

I have a blog (  that has
copies of over 300 letters I've sent to major publications over
the last 10 years.  It has a 22 August 2009 Contract for
America I emailed to Newt Gingrich, then personally handed
to him in October when he was here plumping book.  It is
1900 words long, and he said he would read it, but I never
heard from him.

I certainly wish you nothing but good fortune. but I will
never get excited about reading a right wing pub that
swallowed the Red Republican BS whole.

Arnold H nelson

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