Sunday, March 31, 2013

President Obama's leadership (?) experience...

Chicago AM Wednesday 20 February 2013

Editors, Chicago Tribune


The Chicago Tribune Editorial “Time to lead, Mr. President”
[Tuesday 19 February] is a well written description of our
disastrous national debt/spending situation.  Its concluding
statement, directed at the President [“And you, sir, need to
lead all of us”] raises questions.

Where in the President's curriculum vitae is there a single
reference to his ever leading anything?  Two recent presidents,
regularly denigrated, each served 8 years  as governors of our
two largest states.  The most responsible position ever held by
President Obama was sitting at a little desk in the Illinois state
senate waiting for his party leader to come around with
instructions on how to vote on the next question.  

The election of a black person as president is as outstanding
an occasion as has ever happened in the nation's history, but
we must recognize that had Barack Obama been non-black he
would have needed to buy his own bus ticket to Iowa in 2007,
and been lucky to be met at the station by his grandmother.

Arnold H Nelson


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