Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Extreme right-wing, Hoover-like crowd....?"

Chicago Tuesday PM 16 February 2010

The Voice of the People, Chicago Tribune


The Voice of the People is a fine place for people to present opinions to lots of readers. But it's also an opportunity to occasionally use time-worn cliches instead of facts.

So appears the case with a Tuesday, February 16 letter “Free-market capitalism”. Buried deep in this otherwise well written letter is the statement:

“Obama's advisers... come mostly from the middle-of-the road, free-market club, not the extreme right-wing, Hoover-like crowd that appeals to [Trib columnist Steve] Chapman."

With not too much research, you can find Franklin Delano Roosevelt quoted in a Wednesday, October 19, 1932 speech in Pittsburgh, PA, in the height of the 1932 Presidential campaign: "I shall approach the problem of carrying out the plain precept of our party, which is to reduce the cost of the current Federal Government operations by 25 per cent."
In 1932 FDR campaigned that “Hoover-like” was spending too much federal money, not too little.

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