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UK Financial Times on 'Game Change'

Chicago Wednesday AM January 20, 2010

Editors, The Financial Times


In The Financial Times' Edward Luce's Tuesday, January 19 article “A delicious tale of monstrous egos” it's hard to tell who's having more fun: The authors of “Game Change” delivering stuff like “[John] Edwards... a rampant narcissist ….” or Luce lapping up “John McCain... Joe Lieberman... and Lindsey Graham... watching 'the legendary four-minute YouTube clip of John Edwards vainly fussing over his hair in a TV studio.”

Luce takes particular delight in repeating the “shocking tale... about Sarah Palin... so uninformed... that advisors had to give her junior school tutorials on the first and second world wars, Vietnam and the cold war.”

Surely an accomplished writer/commentator like Mr. Luce is aware that altho books are printed to distribute the truth, they are primarily printed to make money – if a little truth-tweaking will make more money, what will the market bear? And if a little truth-tweaking works, how about an occasional whopper?

Does Mr. Luce actually believe that someone who made buck-stops-here decisions for 21 months as a state governor (21 months more than the other three 2008 major party candidates... combined!) , was chairman of the Alaska State Oil and Gas Conservation Commission for 2 years, and even mayor of a town of 10K people for 6 years, didn't know about world war II? Here we have politicians who hate Palin telling a tale to writers who also hate her, passing it on to a third hater, who manages to get away with having it printed in a major world newspaper. Might there be a little credibility gap somewhere in there?

And did it occur to Mr. Luce that Barack Obama might owe his “ability to keep his head when all around are losing theirs” to the fact that the most responsible job he had in his life before January 20, 2009 was a 'Community Organizer' (Chicago euphemism for Democrat vote hustler )?

Mr. Luce and the Financial Times need to get hold of themselves – a little reality check is never wasted.

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