Monday, February 8, 2010

What does the UK Financial Times mean by 'not bad'?

Chicago Tuesday AM December 29, 2009

Editors, The Financial Times


The Financial Times' Clive Crook article “The real missed opportunity in Obama's first year” of Monday, December 28 concludes: “This disengagement, this reluctance, to lead, is the real disappointment of Mr Obama's first year. The results are not bad, but an opportunity has been missed."

Will the FT ever get around to facing the plain fact that Barack Obama's total lifetime leadership experience before January 20, 2009 was limited to directing a neighborhood Democrat vote hustling team, commonly referred to in Chicago by the euphemism 'community organizer'. The leadership skills learned as a non-contributing editor of the Harvard Law Review, required as a non-tenure-tracked University of Chicago Constitutional Law instructor, or experienced as a member of the the Illinois State Senate, are no more than those associated with any number of jobs commonly referred to as 'clerk.'

These results are not bad?

The ridiculed, despised, hated George W Bush followed six successful years as governor of the second largest US state (including re-election by 2 to 1 margin) with eight years increasing the US national debt at a rate of $51bn per month as president. In just 11 months Barack Obama has nearly tripled that rate to $134bn per month.

That is very, very bad, Mr. Crook.

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