Thursday, February 18, 2010

Steve Chapman doesn't like Sarah Palin?

Chicago Sunday PM 14 February 2010

Voice of the People, Chicago Tribune


The Chicago Tribune's Steve Chapman says in his Wednesday, February 10 column “Palin exposes the partyers” that “a possible Palin bid for the White House” would be “absurd.” It is true that the 2008 National ticket candidates had only 21 months of executive experience total between the four of them, but what's this? Since Palin had exactly that number of months experience, it means that each of the other three had exactly zero seconds of executive experience?

Palin also had two years as chairman of an outfit called the “Alaskan Oil and Gas Commission.” Since Alaska is the second ranking state in supplying these two energy fundamentals, that chairmanship must require considerably more executive experience than a roomful of US Senators (the highest experience level of Messrs. Obama, McCain, and Biden.)

Chapman complains of Palin declaring “"the government that governs least, governs best." This sounds like what the founders had in mind when they listed 17 specific duties the Congress was limited to in Article I Section 8 of the US Constitution. This list says nothing of Social Security, Medicare, or a National Department of Education. If Chapman thinks these items are OK under the 'General Welfare Clause” he should read what James Madison says about that in Federalist Paper number 41.

Sarah Palin got to be Governor of a US State by taking on an established old boy network of her own party, and winning. Barack Obama got to be President because of his ethereal command of a speech enhancing device invented only 28 years ago (he lost his only other head-to-head election – his election to the Illinois state and US senates were because his only legitimate competitors were mysteriously forced to withdraw before the voting.)

Chapman concludes by referring to the President as a “former law professor”. Obama was a non-tenure-tracked instructor of Constitutional law, the law school equivalent of differential calculus.

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