Monday, February 8, 2010

Maybe a little anger management needed for the IPCC chairman?

Chicago IL USA Sunday PM 7 February 2010

Editors, the UK Financial Times


The Financial Times Thursday, February 4 article "UN scientist hits at 'skulduggery'" quotes IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri venting the righteous indignation (climate change sceptics' criticism is "skulduggery of the worst kind") of someone who has hard disks of climate data and more hard disks of mathematical models to run it through proving that the planet is on its way to becoming uninhabitable because of 'global warming' or some such.

Mr. Pachauri would be wise to consider another, quite simple model: projecting the 4.5 billion year age of the earth onto a more easily comprehended 80-year human lifetime. Such a model shows one year of earth time the equivalent of 0.562 seconds of 'geezer time' (this can be demonstrated by calculating the number of seconds in 80 years, dividing by 0.562, resulting in... 4.5 billion.)

This puts Galileo's 1593 invention of the thermometer (an absolutely necessary tool in the climate measuring game) at slightly less than 4 minutes ago to the geezer. Another necessary tool: a human being to read the thermometer, didn't get here until 6 million years ago – 5 weeks 4 days in geezer time.

Doesn't it seem reasonable that regardless of how much that climate data is massaged by any number of those models, any number of times, it can show no more than the planet continuing to do what it did just fine without any human intervention for the first 99.87% of its life span?

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