Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blue Democrats... Red Repubs?!?

Mr Ponnuru, after reading your Friday 17 August 2012 ...

... Cornerpost "Unemployment in Red and Blue" I wondered if
you had ever given any thot to why  the Republicans are red,
and the democrats blue?  The Repubs were the party that won
the civil war  Of course (Blue vs gray) , Red is the color of
revolution and destruction - sure fits the Democrats.

I think the Dems fed us this poison in 1994 when the BLUE
Repubs took over the House of Reps from the RED Democrats
for the first times in 40 years.  That press landmark USA today
reported that election result w/ a map showing Repub house
seats in red, Dem house seats in blue.  And of course, the
Repubs, especially the very prominent ones (such as R
Ponnuru?) fell right in line.

This could be corrected by prominent Republicans like Rush
Limbaugh, Mark Levin, George W Bush, Mitt Romney,
Ramesh Ponnuru getting together and picking a particular
date when all would agree to calling them as they are: Blue
Republicans and Red Democrats.

Let the dems deal w/ any confusion.

Arn Nelson in Chicago

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