Thursday, September 6, 2012

To John Fund at National Review on Biden and HRC

To: "National Review Magazine" ln his Wednesday 15 August 2012 article "The Trouble with
Joe [Biden] John Fund writes:

"Biden’s erratic statements certainly should make Team
Obama nervous. I’ve no doubt that some Democratic
strategists would love for Biden and Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton to swap jobs and bolster the Democratic ticket with a
little Clinton magic."

HRC is no smarter than Biden, but she has talked w/ Bill
Clinton, if not face-to-face every nite since they met at Yale
U., on the 'fone w/ him every nite (W/o that crucial
relationship. HRC would be checking out books at the Park
Ridge IL public library.) .  HRC, Biden, and Obama are all
equally stupid, but Bill Clinton remains a political genius.
All reason enough for BHO to replace Biden w/ HRC.

Arn Nelson in Chicago (The Democrat-occupied west bank of
Lake Michigan, IL 9th CD, repped by Nancy Pelosi's evil twin
Jan Schakowsky)

PS I miss John Fund at WSJ, but he could not have made a
better move than going to NationalReview (I'm a 55 year

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