Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sarah Palin is not smart?

Chicago Thursday 16 August 2012

Voice of the People Chicago Tribune

Gentle people:

The Chicago Tribune prints an interesting article [Thursday
16 August “Ryan's Mitt Romney problem”] by Charles M.
Madigan,  presidential writer in residence at Roosevelt
University.  The article closes: “The difference is that Ryan
is smart and Sarah Palin was not.”

Before publishing such a flat out statement  wouldn't a
'presidential writer in residence'  brush up on his subjects?

Paul Ryan is a smart, nice guy, but what has he campaigned
for besides a single seat in a 435 member legislature?   Sarah
Palin has campaigned for school board, City Council, Mayor,
State Oil and Gas Commission chair (how may states even
have an Oil and gas commission? Does the WI 7th CD have
one?) governor (where she had to face and defeat an
established Republican State party of dubious ethics,) Vice
 president, and grateful (many subsequently successful) Tea
Party candidates across the country (the group that replaced
25% of Democrat members in 2010.)  Does that resume
describe someone who is “not smart?”

Arnold H Nelson  Chicago

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