Friday, September 7, 2012

Why Obama ordered the Seals to kill bin Laden...

Chicago PM Monday 3 September 2012

The Voice of the People, Chicago Tribune


The Chicago Tribune article “Pentagon says
it may seek profits from bin Laden book”
[Friday 31 August] describes the  Obama
Administration as "prepared to crack down
on an unauthorized release of classified
information, even by a former member of an
elite military unit lionized by the public"
relative to an imminent book release by a
retired US Navy Seal describing the killing
of Osama bin Laden.

What should be condemned is the
administration order to kill bin Laden in that
action, rather than capture him.

bin Laden was the United States' most
serious enemy in generations, but not by his
own physical actions.  He was the designer
of a terrible scheme that killed 3,000 US
citizens, but since his implementers remain
at large,  bin Laden is just as dangerous
dead as alive.  Had he been captured and
imprisoned in the US, and at worst
waterboarded to death, we could have
collected all sorts of info about threats still
out there.   Of course, the reason for this was
that by immediately executing bin Laden,
the President grabbed a lot of much
appreciated credit from his quick thinking
supporters:  “Bin Laden killed 3000, he
deserves the same, the sooner the better.”

Arnold H Nelson  Chicago

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