Friday, September 7, 2012

Sarah Palin 'toxic to the nation at large?'

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

To: "Jamie Weinstein/Daily Caller"

Mr Weinstein, your Tuesday 28 August 2012
 column "Top 5 possibilities for the RNC’s
mystery speaker" says:  "The Wall Street
Journal speculated...  the mysterious speaker
could be former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin...."
you immediately qualify that with "... that’s
almost entirely implausible. Palin is popular
with some conservatives, but toxic to the
nation at large. There is no way she would be
the mystery speaker in a prime time slot. Plus,
she is vocally siding against Team Romney on
Republican convention rules changes. That’s
not something a special mystery speaker for
Romney would do."

Toxic to the nation at large?  She's 'toxic' to
establishment Republicans and Democrats
(and apparently The Daily Caller, too.)
Otherwise she draws huge, enthusiastic crowds
wherever she goes (extremely well-mannered
crowds, who pick up their trash behind them, in
contrast to the 'occupy whatever' mobs.)  When
she made her New England tour, Rush
Limbaugh commented: "Sarah's bus was
followed by 20 cars full of media... where's
Katie Couric?) She traveled the whole county
plumping the Tea Party in 2010, and the Tea
Party decisively booted out Nancy wutz-er-
name.   She knows about campaigning, having
successfully campaigned for school board, city
council, mayor, and governor (where she
needed not only to campaign against the
Democrats, but also against a just-as-crooked
Republican establishment.)  She was even
named chaircreature of the Alaska Oil and Gas
commission (How many states even have an
oil and gas commission?)

Have you considered the possibility now that
Romney has close-at-hand adult assistance
with Paul Ryan, Ryan would point out that the
number one objective here is replacing Obama.  What good are rule changes if you don't get elected? A Sarah speech would make sure every
Conservative in the country (who never have
been real impressed w/ Mitt) to vote for, and
work for Mitt Romney, wishy-washy as he is.

Who knows!  After a firey Palin speech, a few
people might still remember who gave the
convention-opening speech.

Arn Nelson in Chicago (The Democrat-
occupied west bank of Lake Michigan (IL 9th
CD, repped by Nancy Pelosi's evil twin,
Jan Schakowsky)

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