Thursday, September 13, 2012

ChiTrib on Lake Michigan wave heights

Chicago Thursday PM 13 September 2012

Voice of the People Chicago Tribune


In a Wednesday 12 September obituary the Tribune refers to Lake Michigan "... waves up to 25 feet high."

There was a similar Tribune claim in a picture caption on Friday 17 December 2010 “[Lake Michigan] waves as high as 30 feet unleashed by this week's winter storms....”

Did anyone at the Tribune read Tom Skilling's Wednesday 15 December 2010 daily 'Ask Tom Why' feature, where a reader asked “What are the greatest wave heights recorded on Lake Michigan and other Great Lakes?” Tom's answer: “The highest waves measured on Lake Michigan have been just over 20 feet [!], occurring at the south end when storm-force north winds (55 mph and greater) blow down the entire 325 mile length of the lake.”

Arnold H Nelson

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