Friday, September 7, 2012

Reply to Jeff Jacoby (Boston Globe) note to me...

Mr. Jacoby, thanks so much for your reply to
my PM Sunday 26 August 2012 note
commenting on your Sunday 26 August
column “Both parties are too extreme on
abortion.“  You probably get more email in
one day than I get in a year, so your response
is a real honor.

And your column was certainly true to your
"which political party best represents the
average American's ambivalent views" point.

But it seems strange that such a fine, thoro
column would ignore completely the fact that
the Republican opinion, minority that it
appears to be, is the only one that's true, and
that you appear to agree with your note to me:
 "...  whatever the circumstances of the
conception, the baby is never at fault."

As to Roe v Wade, has that ever been
described better than by James Taranto in his
Wednesday 5 October 2005 column:  "This
column is nominally pro choice, but Roe v
Wade is a Constitutional Monstrosity that
should be overturned yesterday!"

Arn Nelson in Chicago

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