Thursday, September 6, 2012

To Jeff Jacoby Boston Globe on Abortion...

Chicago PM Sunday 26 August 2012

Mr Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe

Mr. Jacoby, your Sunday 26 August column “Both parties are
too extreme on abortion“ is right up to the  high standards you
regularly maintain. But the subject here, abortion, is especially
tricky when considering exceptions for rape or incest. Is there
never a situation where the woman is all for the act, but
afterwards decides it wasn't such a good idea after all, so why
not declare rape? Or even a loving married couple, discover
that in rare record switches, they are actually brother and

An example: In a 90 year life time, a famous individual,  an
outstanding student, writes 56 best selling books, makes
enough money from them to donate $100 million to top
universities such as Texas and Swarthmore. An odd fact: This
individual was left on a church doorstep in Philadelphia in
1907, with a note attached from the apparent mother: “I am
unable to care for this baby. Please find someone who can care
for him properly”.  This request was followed, and the
individual was raised and schooled by adoption.

Don't you think with such success and income, this man could
spend whatever necessary to find out who that woman was?
Such a man did exist, but with no success at all: Mr “Tales
from the South Pacific himself” James A Michener. For all his
success and fame. He could have been the result of rape or
incest. No one will ever know.

No matter what the situation, abortion is always for the
convenience of one or both perpetrators - it's never the baby's

Arnold H Nelson in Chicago

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