Friday, September 7, 2012

Presidential skills

Chicago Friday 7 September 2012

Voice of the People, Chicago Tribune


A letter in the Friday 7 September Voice of
the People says Mitt Romney "may have skill
to run a corporation for profit, but it takes
entirely different skills in running a
government for all the people."

So experience limited to six pre-teen years
slogging thru the mud of Indonesia,
attendance at three different universities
(only published result: President of the
Harvard Law Review, (but never published
there,)) graduating with honors from
Harvard Law school (in a class where 76%
of the graduates graduated with honors,)
working as a community organizer (a
Chicago euphemism for Democrat vote
hustler), six years sitting at a tiny desk in the
Illinois state senate, (responsibility limited to
waiting for party leader to come around
telling how to vote on the next question,)
serving 147 days as a United States Senator
before finally becoming US President by
promising to "lower the sea levels", followed
by 40 months of average monthly federal
deficits six times higher then his
predecessor... are the only skills needed to
run a government for all the people?

Wouldn't most people prefer a leader with
experience making money over one with
experience spending money?

Arnold H Nelson  Chicago

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